House Padlun

I have decided that everyone is a nerd, it just depends on what kind of nerd. Me, I am a Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, sentence diagramming nerd. Yes, sentence diagramming. That is another post for another time. This week, I grabbed a #VisualAssignment from ds106 that requested one make their own Game of Thrones House name and Sigil. Seeing as it was a chance to let my freak flag fly, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.


House Padlun is a small, yet honorable name where a feisty folk with endless imagination reign over Castle Padlun. The House motto reads “Ignite to Survive,” reminding those that fiery perseverance and quick ingenuity result in a tribe to be reckoned with. Create your own House at #VisualAssignments1971 #ds106


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