Behind the Lens: Analysis of a Digital Story

My personal theme for this semester is photography. I received a camera as a gift and am excited to learn how to technically take a good photo, and am hopeful that I will develop my skill enough to tell a story with my photographs. With this focus, I am exploring digital stories that will support my theme. Sarah Buckle’s narrative, Behind the Lens, met my focus. She too wanted to find a passion in photography.

Observing the story for media development, I found myself being able to step back from the story. The author utilized her personal photography with some basic transitions to follow the narrative arc. It was clear that Sarah was new to movie editing software, yet she composed a successful piece.

The organization of the story felt like it lacked some emphasis on an overall theme. The images the author used were appropriate and at times matched the narrative. However, the story was about finding a passion and I found the narrative did not convey an emotional appeal that supported that passion. Perhaps organizing the media in a more purposeful way it would have matched the tone of the written story.

Although the organization may have been adjusted, the economy of the piece was concise. The digital story was brief, yet appropriate for the message. The author did not drag out the narrative and was clear in her communication. As a viewer, I appreciated the conscious tempo of the story.



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