This week I watched another Blank on Blank episode with an interview by Jane Goodall. The story was apropos to what I’ve been feeling lately about literacy and integrating a new approach for future success of my students. Jane describes how she followed her instincts to pursue a life involved in nature. Her journey was regarded as juvenile by academia, yet she did not waver in her determination. I am also following instinct in regards to my own professional journey. Albeit, I do not have prolific scientific contributions to make, I am, however, leading and learning by instinct.


I assessed this digital story for story, media application, and attention to the audience. Blank on Blank does a brilliant job of staying aware of the audience at all points in the presentation. The animation keeps the audience engaged, and compliments the narrative. The focus is on the story first, and the visual presentation helps the audience follow the story in a creative way. The story, in this case, was enhanced by the title. It showed the importance of stating the intention clearly from the beginning. Had the title of the narrative been “Education”, one may have viewed the piece from a different lens. This was a learning point for me as I consider my own digital storytelling. Finally, the media application was presented successfully. The animation is enviable, and the sound quality was spot on. My only hesitation with the media application was near the end of the story when the main narrative was positioned in a smaller window to allow for a purposefully placed advertisement. It distracted me from following the narrative to its conclusion.

If you have not explored the Blank on Blank series yet, I urge you to do so. All of the episodes are thoughtfully portrayed and intentionally set to communicate a theme. They are a great example of how to blend a personal narrative into a thematic story.


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