Me and My Spirit Animal

So..I love the daily create and assignment bank at ds106. Allowing myself time to be creative and to have a space to do so is energizing. This week though, there isn’t a whole lot of creativity that went into my assignment, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  #VisualAssignments1875 asks the community to post a selfie with their pet. Now, I swear I am not biased, but my dog is the best dog in the entire world. If there were a Nobel Prize for the most amazing animal, she would win, hands down. It just so happens, that she is also my spirit animal.

You know how some people just have a special  connection with a certain animal? That is me and my Bailey. My husband swears that I love the dog more than him, which to be fair, may be true! She is just perfect, and well, human beings have flaws. She never leaves my side, always knows when it is time to snuggle, and brings nothing but joy into our household. I hope everyone has a Bailey in their life, the love of a dog is the love we should all seek to give to the world.



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