Story Critique: Photography Changed My Life


This week, I sought out a digital story about how photography has influenced someone’s life. I came across this digital story, and wanted to review it because it is not professional quality, and I haven’t evaluated a story that has not been presented by a professional company yet. The story is a narrative from a gentleman who describes his struggles with social interactions throughout his life. He has preferred to spend time indoors and often alone. He started playing around with a camera, and feels it completely opened up his world. His interest in photography has encouraged him to go outside and interact with others. The best part of photography for the author is the ability to share his photographs. He states his story is a lesson in redemption.

I evaluated this story for use of media, the story, and writing.

Media application The author begins the narrative by directly addressing the camera. The story cuts to filmed images of the author out in the world taking pictures, as well as still images of the photographs the author has taken. The varying types of media presentation is balanced and effective for the story.
Story Although the story isn’t overly exciting, the author aims to communicate a specific theme. The story effective meets the theme but could use some finesse with how it is presented. The goal of the story is directly stated. I think it may have been more effective for emotional appeal had the theme not been stated and reiterated. I do want to keep in mind that the author is presenting in English, which is not his first language. Considering that point, the story works and is complete.
Writing The author worked to successfully plan and write the narrative of the story. I would have liked to see more variance in the writing of the media presentation to complete the narrative. The author is reading from a script which suggests the narrative was explicitly written out, and the language was carefully chosen.



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