A Road Traveled

This week we read a chapter from Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community by Joe Lambert. Lambert is the founder of StoryCenter, and organization that I have deeply respected while exploring digital storytelling this semester. StoryCenter highlights the human experience and allows connections to occur between the viewer and the author. The stories are deeply personal, at times emotional, and always encourage perspective.

The chapter discussed Joe’s experiences in the world of storytelling and how digital storytelling in particular developed from his experiences in his community. Engaging in storytelling is an integral part of the author’s life as is made evident by his dedication to the work, and his exceptional ability to tell a good story. I really enjoyed the story of how digital storytelling formed as much as I enjoyed the history. Flowing from cultural movements and artistic expression, the author was positioned in a time of digital development that allowed societal impressions to be integrated into a new medium. The nostalgia of how digital storytelling developed and the author’s participation in the development was enjoyable. I didn’t particularly connect the reading to previously studied articles, yet allowing myself to enjoy the chapter for the heart of the story was wonderful.


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