Digital Story: Photography for Social Change

I’m about to be cliche and refer to an old adage, but when you think about it, there is a reason the sayings are universal and prevailing. A picture is worth a thousand words is what rings true as I was watching this week’s digital story. One can quite literally use a thousand words to describe what one picture represents. A theme, a voice, a feeling can be expressed in a single photograph in a way that words cannot singularly sustain. The importance of photography in a multimedia presentation cannot be underestimated. For the sake of time and impact, photography can be used to support an entire narrative.


The author of Active Stills: Photography for Social Change in Israel and Palestine uses his photography to incite reflection and as a tool for the community in which he takes and posts his photographs.  The images are powerful and the story of his purpose and aim is told through the striking pictures. I reviewed this piece based on economy, media development, and organization.



One thought on “Digital Story: Photography for Social Change”

  1. I enjoyed this! It made me think about things I hadn’t before concerning the Israeli and Palestinian interactions. Photography is a powerful tool for sharing information to help bridge understanding. The video portrayed that quite well. I like how they set the gallery up in public places for all to see, so that everyone can see how the other side is experiencing the conflict and build compassion. I did have mixed feelings during the author’s commentary when he said “they like it when people get angry and make marks on the photographs.” The motivation just seemed to incite violence. It opens up discussion, no doubt. But if the result is to make people angry and deface property, I wonder if it defeats their purpose. On the other hand, I learned a lot from just watching this short clip. The photos informed me about the wall built on the village’s crop land, about the many people getting hurt and dying—images we know about but don’t always get to see in mainstream media. I hope they reach their goal to bring about social change. It was heartbreaking to see all the destruction!


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