My True Theme and How To “Do” Storytelling

Every week I’ve been grappling with my theme for this course. I settled on learning photography, which has been a lot of fun, but hasn’t created meaning for me. I tend to be over analytical with connotations. I dissect language, I tear apart novels, and I examine how communication in all forms affects my understanding of myself and universal truths. The further I spiral into the world of digital storytelling, the more I am realizing that my theme hasn’t really been photography, it has been understanding the power of storytelling. All along, I have been internalizing how my language, and that of my students, creates meaning through powerful expression. It has therefore been determined that I can let go of a hobby for not and focus on how I can be an effective storyteller.


This week’s reading from Joe Lambert’s book Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community describes the essential aspects that one must consider when writing a powerful digital story. With my actual theme being in focus, I appreciated the presentation of features that I will need to carefully consider as I become an impactful storyteller. Change is a continual theme that a storyteller must consider. Lambert notes, “We hear the author describe the events and issues of the story in a way that is only theirs to provide, that the perspective feels like it emerged from honest self- reflection,” (2). The honest reflection insights emotion in the viewer and can impact the audience. “Meaning and emotion are intertwined,” (5). The realization of meaning is where the true power of a story resides.

Aside from my own realization of where my learning and reflection has sat, I have been able to take away technical considerations as well. Lambert defines how to properly use explicit and implicit imagery to marry with the verbal narrative. He points out how and why one may consider music alongside a spoken story line. Having this article as a reference as I begin to hash out details of my own digital story will be very helpful. This is also another example of scholarship that I can present to my colleagues as they consider incorporating digital storytelling into their classrooms.


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