Story Board

There is a strong possibility I am behind on the creation of my digital story, but I have just now settled on a focus. I know, I know, I’ve had weeks to figure this out. I’ve truly been struggling with my chosen theme and had a bit of an epiphany last week. My true focus has been learning how to tell an excellent digital story, and how to integrate storytelling into the classroom.


This week, I read a few articles about how to create a story board and the purpose behind it. Rooted in animation, story boards are a cost effective way to communicate a vision and story before creating a costly film. I am trying to make sense of whether or not I need to lay out a storyboard for myself. I have concluded that even a brief sketch will ensure I am  communicating the theme and message of my story in an effective manner.

The article I would like to feature explains how storyboarding can be used not only for film creation, but in the classroom as well. I have used storyboards in my own  classroom, and appreciated the reiteration of their effectiveness in varying settings. Creating a visual, students communicate their thoughts clearly, when words are often hard to find or are not descriptive. Storyboards are also effective tools to support language learners and enrich vocabulary comprehension. I would recommend this article as a very brief overview of the uses of creating storyboards, as well as a resource for how to get started with creating your own storyboards.


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