For Taffy

This week I viewed a video on Story Center called “Taffy.” The author, Shedrick Wicks tells a story of love and companionship. After moving to Denver, Wicks found himself to be lonely and ended up adopting a cat named Taffy. The story is endearing and the viewer can’t help but root for the duo. I evaluated this piece for story, writing, and economy.






One thought on “For Taffy”

  1. Hi Ashley,
    Thank you for sharing! Such a sweet story! The storyteller conveys his feelings so effectively through the images he uses as well as his narration. I like how he contrasts the fact the he grew up in a family having three brothers but no pets and the fact that he always wanted to stay by himself but at the same time when he achieved his goal he realized that he was feeling very lonely. The story is very well organized and moves smoothly from part to part. It presents the problem and provides the solution. All of the pictures, the tone of his voice and the story itself communicate how happy the storyteller is, after Taffy becomes part of his life. The storyteller respects the needs of the audience and keeps them engaged throughout the story. The only aspect I would change is the color of the subtitles. I think there is not enough contrast and sometimes it is very hard to read.


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